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Our company was established in 1998 and has been providing customers with special equipments sales and services, and opened this site in order to supply special used equipments ( Tunneling and drill & blasting equipments) to oversea market in 2019.


We are a trading company selling special equipment and tools for construction and mining since year 1998.
We have supplied drilling equipment(Jumbo drills, crawler drill), tunnels and blasting equipment for construction and mining.
 In particular, more than 3,000 road and rail tunnels have been built and are still being built in Korea and we supplied many equipments to Korean job site .
 With a lot of experience and a long time of business, we have become a special sales company dealing with relevant information and equipment.
Based on this experience and know-how, we would like to introduce  to the world customer to sell high-quality and good price and high-performance equipment and that can be sold overseas in the Korean market.
We supply and sell used jumbo drill, shotcrete and charging car related to road and railway tunnel, crawler drill and tools necessary for loader and ground blasting, especially related rock drill parts.
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